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Support the Pineapple Playhouse by...
If you enjoy our shows and appreciate having the opportunity to see productions so near to your home and at an affordable price, please consider being a Sponsor to the Pineapple Playhouse using one of the Sponsorship levels listed below:
Season Sponsor
Show Sponsor
Stage Sponsor
Performance Enhancement Sponsor

**Sponsors receive tickets to individual shows; Season Sponsors to ALL shows**
Contact the Box Office for more info.

Donating money
We are a community-based 501(c)(3) organization.  Donations help fund our programs and stage productions as well as keep this arts community thriving for years to come.

Donations can be made in honor of someone or anonymously. Gifts can also be a one time donation or an ongoing gift. All donations are tax deductible. Please contact the Box Office at for more info.   

You can also donate on-line by clicking below:
Donating materials
We may be able to use props, costumes, set pieces and building materials, office supplies etc. for our stage productions and/or summer camp. These donations can be made by dropping off or shipping to the Playhouse directly. A tax deduction may be available as well. CALL (772) 465-0366 to coordinate or get more information.

*Please schedule a donation prior to arriving so we can make sure someone is on site to accept the generous contribution. Donations may not be accepted without prior consent.
Buying a Brick
We are raising money to help support our productions and nurture our community. The bricks will be placed at the front entrance of the playhouse surrounding our lovely dancing lady. Your generous support allows you to become an even bigger part of our community theatre in a long lasting way as well as funding future productions and programs.

1 brick for $85 or 2 bricks for $150

For more information, please contact the Box Office  at . 
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