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Rental Request
Rental Request Form

Rental Types:

  • “Performance” may include: theatrical events; dance recitals; concerts – Utilizing theatrical lighting, the sound system, dressing rooms, etc.

  • “Meeting” may include: lectures; conferences; seminars; etc. – Utilizing auditorium seating, lecture light, podium, chairs, or microphone


  • Daily rate of $______, with 25% non-refundable deposit, due within 7 days of approval. Balance due before the event. 

  • Rental Rates include the following: Use of the Auditorium, Green Room, Dressing Rooms.

  • Additional fees may include: Box Office Staff, Tech, Custodial, and Security (if needed).


The Playhouse is available for daytime and evening events. The theatre is reserved on a first-come, first served basis.

*We operate a full production calendar and may often have a show in performance or rehearsal during your rental. Every effort is made to accommodate any rental type. We can provide a full-service Concession bar upon request. DO NOT bring alcohol onto the premises—this is in violation of TABC regulations. For theatrical events, concerts, and recitals, we recommend a Box Office/ticket process that ensures you will not violate capacity of the building/spaces. Please be aware of these limitations.

Contact or call 772-465-0366 for more information. To learn more about the theatre, visit Pineapple Playhouse History.

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