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Rental FAQS

Rental Types:

  • “Performance” may include: theatrical events; dance recitals; concerts – Utilizing theatrical lighting, the sound system, dressing rooms, etc.

  • “Meeting” may include: lectures; conferences; seminars; etc. – Utilizing auditorium seating, lecture light, podium, chairs, or microphone


  • “Non-Profit” Rates: To qualify, an organization must be a 501(c)(3) institution.

  • Rental Rates include the following: A Facility Manager, Use of the Auditorium, and Clean Up.

  • Additional fees may include: Two Dressing Rooms and Green Room, Box Office Staff, Tech etc.


The Playhouse is available for daytime and evening events. We make reservations to “pencil in” dates as much as one year in advance.

*We operate a full production calendar and may often have a show in performance or rehearsal during your rental. Every effort is made to accommodate any rental type. We can provide a full-service Concession bar upon request (cash or billed to your rental). DO NOT bring alcohol onto the premises—this is in violation of TABC regulations. For theatrical events, concerts, and recitals, we recommend a Box Office/ticket process that ensures you will not violate capacity of the building/spaces. Please be aware of these limitations.

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