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One Act Showcase

Special Event

November 12

One Act Showcase

Kimberly Marie

Assistant Director
Charles Caloia


The winner of our 1st Annual One Act Play Festival!

Little Momma's Ristorante - Written by Paul Harwood

Leo is over-the-top excited to propose to his beloved girlfriend. He finds himeslf in a deep rut and doesn't know what to do. 

You see, he made a promise to his mother to get her approval before marrying anyone! 

No biggie, right? 


Although she has since passed, the big issue is, he is dead set on finding a way to get her approval!


A play written by one of our very own

That's Amore! - Written by Kimberly Marie

All is fair in love and war!!! 

Watch as two friends come to blows and shenanigans over the attention of a hunk of a Man! 

May the best woman win!!!

Question is... will they remain friends through it all? 

Both of these comedies are set in Italian restaurants.  We will have Italian themed treats in our concession stand.

Little Momma's Ristorante written by Paul Hardwood is now published by "Lazy Bee" company.

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