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Four Old Broads

October 20 - November 5


Written By Leslie Kimbell 

"Four Old Broads," a hilariously heartwarming comedy play, transports audiences to the lively setting of a retirement home. The plot orbits around the amusing escapades of four spirited seniors: the assertive Beatrice, the flirtatious Eaddy Mae, the quick-witted Maude, and the mysterious Sam. United by a mutual desire for adventure, they contrive an elaborate escape from their monotonous existence, heading for a mysterious and exotic bingo parlor. As they scheme and bicker, their unique personalities unfold, their sharp wit and comedic banter proving age is just a number. This humorous romp not only brings to life these vivacious characters, but also showcases a delightful vision of aging, where the zest for life only intensifies over the years.

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