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Crimes of the Heart

February 16 - March 3


Written by Beth Henley

"Crimes of the Heart" is a richly textured, Pulitzer Prize-winning play that beautifully blends comedy and tragedy. It centers around the three Magrath sisters, reuniting in their Mississippi hometown: Lenny, the eldest, shouldering her loneliness and the responsibility of holding the family together; Meg, the middle sister, returning home with a failed singing career and a fragile emotional state; and Babe, the youngest, who’s facing serious legal trouble after a shocking domestic incident. As they confront past resentments, manage present trials, and grapple with an uncertain future, their quirky, flawed, yet immensely relatable characters shine through. Imbued with Southern charm and sharp humor, "Crimes of the Heart" explores the themes of resilience, forgiveness, and the deep bonds of sisterhood, rendering an evocative portrayal of love, loss, and laughter.

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