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Alabama Story


October 20 - November 5

Alabama Story

Director - Jack Krantz

Written by Kenneth Jones

"Alabama Story" whisks audiences to 1959 America, a Deep South swirling with political tension and social change. This riveting drama comes to life through a defiant librarian, a confrontational senator, and a reunion of childhood friends now navigating societal racial norms.

Emily Wheelock Reed stands as a beacon of bravery, daring to shield a playful children's book, about a white rabbit proposing marriage to a black rabbit, from censorship. Lily and Joshua's poignant reunion beautifully echoes the unity message in the rabbit's tale.

In a vibrant world of political rivalry, star-crossed friendship, and an audacious children's author, "Alabama Story" unfurls a tale brimming with humor, heartbreak, and hope. This compelling narrative, inspired by true events, leaves audiences contemplating the power of unity, courage, and the transformative magic of storytelling.

Produced by special arrangement by Dramatists Play Services, Inc.

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