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A Note From the President of The Pineapple Playhouse

Last year and continuing through this year were arguably some of the most difficult in our modern history. This global pandemic forced new ways to get things accomplished. Schools and businesses came to a halt, students, teachers and business owners were faced with uncertainty. Teachers, administrators as well as parents and students had to find new avenues to get the lessons received and learned. They all stepped up. As hospitals were being stretched
to the limit, doctors and nursing teams had to find innovative ways to care for a very specific viral attack on the human body. Hospitals had to find ways to move and to house patients to mitigate the spread of this highly infectious disease. Very few industries were spared. Places of business that provide a place to eat, to socialize and to be entertained were closed in order to
maintain public health strategies to mitigate the spread. Our family, friends and neighbors who worked in grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores and other businesses that were deemed essential, were all of a sudden seen as the heroes that they have been all along. They went to work every day despite the risk so that the rest of us would be able to obtain the goods we need for our “new” life at home. We were able to see them in the same light as we had viewed first responders in law enforcement and in health care. I hope that we can appreciate
each other because despite the obstacles, we came through together.


We pause to remember two vital members of our theatre family that we lost earlier this year. Board member and long time volunteers who spent countless hours with us, Pat Presnell passed in January and then one of our “founding members” and dear friend, John Procino passed just a few days later. I would like to dedicate this year to those two and to all of our family and friends that were lost this year.


While we must still be on guard, with the lessons learned we can come together in the literal sense. As we continue to venture out into the world, our little playhouse is proud to announce that we are open and active. The 2021-2022 season promises to be a very special year. We have entered into an exciting partnership for our youth program with a group of local high school and college teachers and performers, VPSF Shows! We will incorporate a special youth presentation in between each of our main stage productions this season. We will also present a musical production for the first time in several years.


Please check our website,, for additional information regarding the season as well as auditions for those who would like to be part of the fun!

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