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Vendor & Craft Booths

Food Truck &
Vendor Invasion

March 16th,2024
11am - 4pm


One Act Play Festival


Visiting Brewery:
Hop Life Brewing Co.

Congratulations to our finalists!

The Strand that Beads You

By Allison Fradkin


Rescue Mission

By Germaine Shames


Jonna / Jack

By Arianna Rose


Dr. Wonderful 

By Michael Furlong

Mobile Phone Photo of Carnival

One Act Play Contest at the Festival 

Festivities Start at 11:00am



The Strand That Beads You

by Allison Fradkin

Turquoise is a pony bead who won’t get off her high horse. Magenta is a steed of a bead who doesn’t hesitate to read her the riot act. And it’s not just their colors that clash. Can Rainbow Heart, a charm who’s both intrusive and inclusive, hang in there long enough to string these
beads together?


Rescue Mission

by Germaine Shames

A divorced middle-aged academic journeys to the wilds of
Uganda to save a childhood sweetheart more interested in
apes than in men. Which one of them needs rescuing?


Jonna / Jack

by Arianna Rose

Jonna and Jack are arguing in the car when their lives suddenly end. With the help of the Akashic Records, they are able to view their past lives together and forge a path forward.



Dr. Wonderful

by Michael Furlong

A retired superhero working in academia as a college professor encounters an ex-sidekick as a current student. The past collides with the future, and there is one last chance at redemption.


Winner Announced 

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