The Lady Swims Today

by H.G. Brown – Drama

(Show Dates: Sept. 7 – 24, 2017)

Welcome to the Carney Hook Marina Motel, where three desperate men are tempted to join the heist of a lifetime. Eddie has a plan and he needs a crew to pull it off. When these schemers and dreamers come up against three women with plans of their own, the course to a fortune is threatened by more than bad weather.


But Why Bump Off Barnaby?

by Rick Abbot – Comedy

(Show Dates: Nov. 2 – 19, 2017)

When Barnaby Folcey is murdered at a family gathering at Marlgate Manor, it transpires that he had a motive to murder everybody else, but no one had a reason to want him dead.  There’s a secret treasure to be found, a mystifying limerick to decode, and all sorts of doom to be avoided before the killer is finally unmasked and destroyed using one of the funniest methods ever seen on a stage.


The Importance Of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde – Comedy

(Show Dates: Jan. 4 – 28, 2018)

From its effervescent beginnings in Algernon Moncrieff’s London flat to its hilarious denouement in the drawing room of Jack Worthing’s country manor in Hertfordshire, this comic masterpiece keeps audiences breathlessly anticipating a new bon mot or a fresh twist of plot moment to moment.

The Boys Next Door

by Tom Griffin – Comedy/Drama

(Show Dates: Mar. 8 – 25, 2018)

From the daily lives of four developmentally challenged men, where “little things” sometimes become momentous (and often very funny), are moments of great poignancy.   With touching effectiveness, we are reminded that the challenged, like the rest of us, want only to love and laugh and find some meaning and purpose in the brief time that they are allotted on this earth.


by Michael Hollinger – Dark Comedy

(Show Dates: May 3 – 20, 2018)

Welcome to Priseaux, France, c. 1250 A.D., where the Dark Ages still look pretty dark.  All seems lost until a group of destitute monks take a lesson from a larcenous one-eyed minstral, who teaches them an outrageous new way to pay old debts.