We are proud to announce our 2016-2017 season line up!


Adult Language and Situations – For Mature Audiences Only

Show Dates:

May 12 – 29, 2016

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest


Randall McMurphy is a charming rogue who contrives to serve a short sentence in an airy mental institution rather in a prison. This, he learns, was a mistake. He clashes with the head nurse, a fierce disciplinarian. Quickly, he takes over the yard and accomplishes what the medical profession has been unable to do for twelve years; he makes a presumed deaf and dumb Indian talk. He leads others out of introversion, stages a revolt so that they can see the world series on television, and arranges a rollicking midnight party with liquor and chippies. For one offense, the head nurse has him submit to shock treatment. The party is too horrid for her and she forces him to submit to a final correction – a frontal lobotomy.

September 2016 Mothers and Sons

Auditions: July 10-12, 2016

Show Dates: September 8-25, 2016

by Terrence McNally

Directed By: John Procino

A grieving mother visits the New York City apartment of her late son’s ex-partner, who is now married to another man and has a young son. She is challenged to face how society has changed around her, and grapples with seeing second-hand the rich life her son might have led.

November 2016 Rex’s Exes

Auditions: September 11-13, 2016

Show Dates: November 3-20, 2016

by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten

Directed By: Mercedes Finley

This is the second installment of the escapades of the Verdeen cousins, and it is fraught with disaster, romance, eccentricity, and of course, hilarity. Set in Sweetgum Texas, the sassy Verdeen women find themselves in tons of trouble as only they can create. (sequel to Red Velvet Cake Wars).

January 2017 Wrong Window

Auditions November 6-8, 2016

Show Dates: January 5-29, 2017

by Billy Van Zandt, Jane Milmore

Directed By: Jill Kober

A New York couple think they spy their cross-courtyard neighbor do away with his wife. After they draw their torn curtain, the lady vanishes, and suspicion places murder beyond a shadow of a doubt. This parody play pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock.

March 2017 Last Mass at St. Cassimir’s

Auditions: January 8-10, 2016

Show Dates: March 9-26, 2016

by Tom Dudzick

Directed By: Jack Krantz

The conclusion to the “Over the Tavern” trilogy, “the Pazinski family has gathered to say their final goodbyes to their recently-sold childhood home. But when an unexpected blizzard traps them in their old house, they are forced to confront and resolve lingering family issues.

May 2017 Exit Laughing

Auditions: March 12-14, 2017

Show Dates: May 4-21, 2017

by Paul Elliott

Directed By: Jim Docter

When the biggest highlight in your life for the past 30 years has been your weekly bridge night out, what do you do when one of your foursome inconveniently dies? If you’re three southern ladies from Birmingham, you “borrow” the ashes from the funeral home for one last card game, and the wildest night of your lives ensues.

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